Hello and welcome
This place is "museum" mostly mirroring the late lowrez dot net website, former home of the amazing Relight for Nuke plugin suite. If you don't know what all this is about, check the link, there's a nice video.

A little bit of history
Nasty stuff happened. I got depressed and distracted, so the domain name (it was getting nice traffic) got cybersquatted; this was just one of many blows I had to endure in 2007. As a result, despite some feeble efforts on my part during 2008 (like a new domain name - newander.net - that is being discontinued) any work on the plugins, or the überwondrous renderer, well integrated into Nuke5, that they could have eventually become, came to a complete halt, grinding and squeaking.

The cool plugins today
The cool plugins only work in Nuke v4.x  and despite being awesome and stupefacetuous they weren't 100% complete or production ready, probably. Still version 0.7.2, after all.  And at any rate I seriously doubt anyone is still using Nuke v4.x.  So yea; so much for almost 6 months of my life.

The future, or lack thereof
It would be quite a bit of work to port the plugins to v5+. Unfortunately, for me to get to work on them now would be just like starting all over again, after all this time. I didn't even do any compositing work since then. I went - forcibly - into a loooong sabbatical  and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do next.

So if you are really really interested you are greatly encouraged to drop me a line and we can talk about it. The fact that the probability of this happening is zero (after all this site will be getting 50 visits per month at most) is somehow reassuring, though. Thanks for your time!

last update may 2009
what was new

Relight for Nuke v0.7.2

DiskBuffer for Nuke v0.2.0
Fusion's caching system goes Nuke :)

Relight for Nuke v0.7.0
see the video tour of the new version

demoreels 2005/2006

tutorials and misc

simple C++ optimizazions, part 1 and part 2

export Maya camera to Nuke .chan file - html

image based ambient occlusion - ?

3D relighting in compositing - html

Lightwrap with CustomTool - Fusion5 - html

ParticleId in Fusion5 - html

my first Fu5 comp - kinda hypnotizing - QT low

Relight for Nuke - Relight as it was meant to be

DiskBuffer - automatic disk buffering plugin for Nuke

Relight - 'true' 3D relighting plugins for Fusion5 (also read the useless ramblings)

Save New Version and Update Savers - comp script for Fusion5

lowrez.scriptlib - lerp, linstep, smoothstep + cspline of keyframe tables - library for Fusion5

CTplotslice - a must have for any serious Fusion5 compositor: Shake's plotscanline reloaded

CTlightwrap - advanced (?) lightwrap macro for Fusion5

CTcolorwheel - Shake's colorwheel in Fusion5, via CustomTools and needlessly complex math